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 + November 2017: Behind the scenes with Julie Boley!

Check out this video from our San Antonio shoot!


 + September 2016: We are now affiliated to WeddingWire!

Check us out!

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+ February 2016: Teaming up with Total Fit Houston!
Total Fit Houston will be launching a contest called Total Fit Moms, and there will be three winners with cool prizes! Stay tuned for the contest rules to be posted soon on our social media.

+ Jan-Feb 2016: Book your shoots ahead of time!
January was a month of planning and networking. This month, we start shooting again! San Antonio will be the first stop, on February 13th and some exciting trips to new places are being concocted. Stay tuned for the official calendar, to be uploaded soon!


+ February 2015
You can now order your copy of my first book, Amazons Among Us, on !


+ December 2014
We now have a Promotional Videos section, featuring some "behind the scenes" footage during some of our shoots. Check it out!

+ March 2014
Rocking Photography is now a collaborator with interviews and photo essays for Strength Advocate !

- Elizabeth Bradshaw Interview (October 2014)
- Women's Physique & Women's Bodybuilding: A choice given, a choice taken away (August 2014)
- Laura Villalobos Interview (June 2014)
- Cindy Canas Interview (May 2014)
- Cinco de mayo Pictorial: Hablamos Fitness (May 2014)
- The Glamour of Fitness (April 2014)
- The Art of the Female Physique (March 2014)

+ Rocking Photography on RAW's 2013 showcase!


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  • "The first photo I saw from Steve Juengert and my wedding was when we embraced immediately after leaving the stage. Still my favorite from the wedding. You have impecable timing!! "
    Pam Juengert
    my wedding
  • "Uh my pics... WOW.... I love them so much..."
    Stephanie Tapia

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